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Whoopsie! Sorry about that!

Soo...... I never said was a very good blogger! But I am not giving up! I made time to get in front of this computer and write to you about my Out-Of-This-World Newborn session.

This precious sweetie came into my studio for a newborn session. NOW, some of you have had newborn sessions with me, and other photographers, and know that it can be a LONG few hours, I think my longest ever was 4 hours. I always book out 3 hours just in case baby is super awake, maybe a little older, just hates baskets, is a winter baby (yes its a thing), the list goes on. I always book out 3 hours and tell my clients 2 to 3 hours.

This sweet little girl came into the studio just waking up from her car ride nap. I first thought "oh here we go! Wide awake baby time, lets get a few sets just right while she feeds and goes back to sleep." But nope, she rolls out of the car seat, eats a nice mom snack, then falls right into deep sleep.

SAY WHAT? Yes, deep sleep. Right away. I was pumped!

So we roll right into the first set, naked baby. (Note: She also let me put a headband on!)

Then went to the very popular and 2019 most requested set "The Nest"

And yes, She is STILL SLEEPING!

Ok by now, I have a great amount of shots, like could be done if need to be. BUT I had Dads requested set still to go: The Fishing Set. Now, she did fuss a little bit as I snuggled her into the bucket. I kept telling her Mom and Dad "this might not work, they hate the bucket, especially if she wakes up hungry here." Which NORMALLY happens. And NORMALLY baby wakes up, we feed, then back to sleep and into bucket. But not this sweet thing! A little burp, sigh, and back into DEEP sleep! I think I know what she was dreaming about.....

But Hold on folks! She also let me put on a Bonnet!

So now I am 100% in photographer dream land. Like seriously! We had nailed every single parent set requested. I had one set left that I wanted to try out with a newborn that I had set up for giggles thinking I would never get a chance to use it. But, you know what... This little baby ROCKED IT! Oh My Creative little heart burst into happiness. Even her little deer friend got in on the action of this dream session.

And Finally, because like, she pooped while asleep in the chair, she woke up. So I ended the session with one of my secret favorite images, Family Portrait. Why is it so secret? Well most Moms and Dads of newborn babies DO NOT want to be photographed at the 7 day mark. Like really, we are a mess, head to toe, lack of sleep, HOT from my warm studio, just yuck. But you know what, I ask anyways. And always say " we must exist in images for our children, and I will turn them black and white." BAM parents have arrived! Awww its so cute!

AND Little ladies Grandma came with as support for the session, So we defiantly cannot ask her for a photo!

Now, your probably thinking, What makes this a dream session?" Well.....

It was all done in under 90 MINUTES!!! I KNOW! I literally was like, well that was perfect.

Sweet little girl slept the entire time, the sets were perfect, parents were super chill, grandma was supportive and enjoyable, and I got in an extra set to showcase my new props. 150% Amazing. It was totally my day made.

So to all of you out there, DO NOT expect this to be your newborn. For we all know, it like 99.9% of the time is feeding, burping, rocking, baby sleeping, baby pooping, crying, feeding, burping, rocking, sleeping pooping.... you get the picture, on and on.

But IF it does happen, I will blog about it. :)

Interested in booking your Maternity + Newborn session? Contact me today!

Adriane Nielsen with A & K Photography- 406-671-4289


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