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Who is behind A & K Photography LLP?

Hello! This is the A in A & K Photography. Exactly what does A & K stand for? Good question!

The A stands for Adriane Nielsen, that's me. Your blogger voice and photographer A. The K Stands for Kevin Nielsen, my husband and business partner.

About Adriane:

I am a bit #boho, a bit #country, a bit #chic, and sometimes I feel a little #gangsta. Thats just how I roll.

My favorite things to do are: spend time with my family (we have a little boy and little girl), photograph everything, scrapbook and craft, and spend time on our 20 acre farm.

My favorite food to eat gummy life savers. Thats a food right? #candyisfood I do like to cook egg scramble and feel thats my specialty. :)

I have always loved photography and capturing the people around me. My dad does landscape photography and archeological photography. As a child we would go on vacations and my mom would always stop him and say "Hey, put a person in the image. We are here too!". That really got me into taking portraits and the love of people photography. Just wanting to exist in photos and say that we are a part of life too is part of my drive.

When I started dating Kevin (like way long time ago -15 years ago), my love of photography bloomed with his passion. We photographed our first wedding in 2007 and have been hooked on making a business out of a passion since then.

About Kevin:

I am writing this for Kevin, so he gets whatever I write about him. Hehe

Kevin is a bit hipster, very smart with electronics and all things tech, and an awesome husband and father.

His favorite things: work on tech things with wires and stuff ( I have no clue how to explain building sensors), turning our sons #12v jeep into an off road beast, go for back-road drives as a family, farm on his tractor, and make me dinner (OK so maybe he doesn't like to, but he is a great cook!)

His favorite foods are: jerky and #reese's peanut butter cup. He also loves a good New York steak.

Kevin's grandpa was always photographing people and even took his camera to Germany during the war to photograph what was happening. I feel this inspiration lead to Kevin taking photography courses in high school. His sisters friend was the one that asked us to photograph our first wedding together. When the opportunity came for us to open our studio, he was the one that was the most persuasive in moving us forward with the dream. Oh and like most photographers, he hates his picture being taken.

About The Business in numbers

Kevin and I have been together as a couple since 2004, Married in 2011. We have 2 children, one boy 4 years and one girl 2 years. We also have 11 chickens, 2 cats, and 1 dog.

We have been photographing for monetary payment since 2007.

The Studio ( located at 1401 15th Street West, Billings, MT) has been open for 5 years.

Together we have photographed over 30 weddings and engagements, over 150 families and children, 15 newborns (like really, where are all the newborns at!), over 50 business head shots, 10 Seniors, about 10 dogs, 6 horses, and 1 parrot.

So thats a little about US! Any questions or want to book your session? Drop it to us below or contact us.

Adriane & Kevin

A & K Photography LLP

1401 15th Street West

Billings, MT 59102

406-671-4289 (call or text!)

And now for the internet Hashtags!


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