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OMG, is your child is a SENIOR this year?

Whatttt! No I still am unaware of the location of all of 2020 up to this point. But I do know we have reached AUGUST> that's just ridiculous right!? And what is August? Well, its the start of the Senior Year for most Montana High School Students. Yep, that's right, SENIOR YEAR!

Some of you are new to the Senior game, and some of you already know. Senior Photos are DUE by some schools in OCTOBER. Thats right.


DUE IN OCTOBER PEOPLE! Yep. It is here faster then a dad meeting the new boyfriend at the door. So, why am I writing a blog posty about it? Well, you might know someone who takes Senior Photos, has August and September openings, AND is offering an AMAZING special. WHO? Awww come on! Ok, its me :)

Check out the package, let your senior check out my work, let me get your senior on my books for some chill photos.

Book for August or September with this offer- Only good when you pay your invoice in August.

Senior summer exclusive package available now until September 2020!

This package is a one-hour senior session

2 outfit changes

USB of all the gallery images ( usually 15 to 20 images in a gallery)

print release

two 11 X 14 prints of your favorite images

five 5 x 7 of your favorite images

48 wallet prints up to 2 poses

All of this for an investment of $550!

Are you ready yet? Email me now!

Meet some of the awesome seniors I have met! In studio, or outdoor, its about them and the year that will change them forever. Click the slider arrows to view.

Did you email yet?

Phone:  406-671-4289 Call or Text

Adriane & Kevin Nielsen

A & K Photography LLP.

1401 15th Street West

Billings, MT 59102

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