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Happy Holidays! 

Whew! We have made past Thanksgiving, the day of stuffing, turkey, pie, elastic pants and family.

We have been scheduling a little crazy here and crazy there. But the crazy is a little normal for our schedules.

Every year at busy season I try to slow down, one day at a time, and look around. Just really take in the moments. Even the bad one, but most importantly the good ones.

When you choose me as your photographer, I do move fast, trying to get all those little ones to smiles and giggle. Then I try to go slow, just let the moments happen as they would. Let the family be who you see and not just a pose. And you know what, both deliver great results. Just like in real life. Crazy right!?

I want to blog a moment to stop a moment, and truley say Thank You for following and being a part of our business. Your families have brought light to others.

YOU are the reason we can continue to celebrate another year in our profession of photography.

Yes, you can thank me with reviews, social media brags, and referals, I wont stop you. And I appreciate all of those so so much!

May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!

(And no, we have not updated our family photo in 2 years. Photographer life. )

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