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COVID-19 and A & K Photography (READ TO THE END)

Health and Saftey- We are all in this together (just like 6 foot over there kind of together) And we all can be super heros by practicing social distancing, washing hands, covering coughs, and all that the CDC tells us is good practice. I wanted to write something to let you all know what we are doing. I looked all over for some kind of "what to write to your clients" pre-made template thing. It didn't work. No one really knows exactly what to say that will not make anyone have feelings. So I am going to WING IT yall! COVID-19 and the studio

I have decided to close the studio building itself until Mid April in hopes that much of the virus has decided it hates people and would rather live inside volcanoes or something like that. (I know its not real life - or is it, but again, there were no templates out there....) So the STUDIO building will stay quite unless my kids and I are playing dress up or something like that. All consultations, ordering, bookings, ect will move to phone or internet. Any technology contact is cool with me. The hardest and saddest part about the studio being shut is that there will be NO newborns or children up to 2 years because they all require hands on work and close contact. I would be heart broken to know that someone in your family, you, me, my family, any family, became sick because of contact made in my business. I say up to 2 years because those children usually need hands on posing and close contact by me as a photographer or with my parent client.

COVID 19 and Outdoor sessions

I am still moving forward with outdoor sessions until I am directed by the powers at be to stop. I see no reason in Montana to not do a private, or one of my rural park locations, where there is open air, over 10 feet between me and my clients and all verbal posing. There will be restrictions as there will be no allowing of multiple households or additional people at these booked sessions because of the health situation we are in. Its just what should be done. I am still moving forward with booking Unicorn sessions in June and anticipate full operations by then (knocking on wood right now, cross toes and fingers for me please because I LOVE these Unicorn sessions SO MUCH!)

COVID 19 and Weddings

Kevin and I are ready to be at your wedding on your wedding day. We will be in contact with all our clients as we get closer to those dates and visit in detail about our plan of action as well as your intended plans. We are also here to help if you have ANY planning questions between now and then and have resources to guide all of us from photographers deep in weddings during the outbreak.


We can get thru this and we will! The best part of being a photographer is that I already have social distancing down. Like really good. I mean, have you seen the Zoom lens Kevin likes to use? Right. you get it. I feel our clients are some of the BEST around because you all are so supportive and like family to us.

Also, this give me a great time to do my taxes, hahahahahaha! OH! I make myself laugh! (no, i have not done that yet. I should be doing that right now, and would be if there was some premade virus blog post out there.)

**********GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!*********** SO If anyone ACTUALLY decides to read my post, send me an email with anything, A hello note, maybe how your doing, maybe your summer plans, photography services your hoping to book in the future, have your cat walk across your computer typing random letters, anything, just send me a note but be sure to include your NAME, CONTACT PHONE, AND PHYSICAL ADDRESS!

Because I am going to GIVE AWAY a little gift basket this Friday because its my Birthday Friday and I do what I want !!!!!!!!

To end this post, please, I wish you all stay happy and healthy both mentally and physically at this time. I totally understand that this is NOT NORMAL PEOPLE, this is a new way of behaviors. It seems every day there is a new hurdle. But we can do this, humans have always been resilient.

Take care everyone and SEND ME AN EMAIL~!

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